Multifunctional Disposable Underpads

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Multi-functional Disposable underpads for bed protection designed in order to absorb leakages.  The soft outer shell is gentle on the skin. Pads have a super absorbent cartridge that retains moisture inside and also neutralizes odors. Perfect for women at the time of confinement.  Useful during baby care and changing. 
10 pieces in the package.
Size: 90x60cm.

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Protects mum’s bed during postpartum period.

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Soft upper layer gentle to the skin.

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Interlining quickly absorbs fluids and retains moisture inside.

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Perfect for everyday care and nappy changes.

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Convenient during walks and travels.

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Waterproof insulating backing prevents liquid soaking through on the mattress or changing table.

Additional info:
Disposable - to maintain hygiene, replace them regularly.  Throw it away after use. 
The package contains 10 pieces. 
Size after spread - width: 90 cm, length: 60 cm, thickness 2 mm.   

How to use:
Store them in a dry place.  To maintain hygiene, replace them regularly.  Throw it away after use.  
Important! For safety, keep unused product out of reach of children.