The Faster Limited Edition Stroller – Perfect Combination of Safety, Style, and Features

Finding the right stroller or travel system can be a challenging task with the market flooded with various brands, varieties, and types. Starting from design, features, functions, and more, the types of strollers and travel systems available in the market can confuse parents. 

This is where The Faster Limited Edition Stroller (2-in-1) and Travel System (3-in-1) comes into the picture. It is a fully-loaded stroller that is beautifully designed and provides comprehensive safety with its aluminium chassis, central brake on the back axle, adjustable suspension, and much more. 

While we will go more into the details and specs of this stroller in details, one thing notable about The Faster Limited Edition Stroller is its economical price. Compared to what it brings to the table in terms of safety, design, looks, features, comfort, and more, The Faster Limited Edition Stroller is one of the best value strollers in the South African market today. 

Before we get into the specs of The Faster model, let us briefly enumerate the benefits of using a stroller: 

  • Baby strollers offer convenience to both parents and the kids.
  • It makes travelling easier and hassle-free for parents.
  • Strollers offer unmatched safety compared to holding a baby in arms. 
  • Strollers have built-in features, making them multi-purpose. They can be used to store baby food, baby clothes, baby accessories, parents' handbags, clutches, and even include changing tables, and more. 
  • Strollers offer portability, making it easier to store and carry them around. 
  • Most of all, strollers offer unhindered comfort to babies.
  • Strollers are a cost-effective way to spend quality time with babies when out, mutually benefitting parents and the kids. 
  • It helps parents avoid back pain, which is a common issue when they hold kids in their arms for long periods. 

Now that we have introduced you to the benefits of using a stroller, let us look closely into why you should use The Faster Limited Edition (2-in-1) for your child. 


As mentioned earlier, The Faster Limited Edition comes with an aluminium chassis. It has adjustable safety belts, suspension, a lockable front swivel wheels, a central brake on the back axle and foam wheels. This stroller's overall posture and make is what differentiates The Faster Limited Edition from its counterparts.  Furthermore, it adheres to the European Safety Standard EN 1888 which specifies the safety requirements and test methods for pushchairs / prams / strollers


One of the common concerns of parents when buying a stroller is their compatibility with the various infant car seat models. The Faster Limited Edition (2-in-1) is compatible with all popular car seat models for infants, including Nuna, Cybex, Avionaut Kite, BeSafe, Maxi-Cosi, and others.

The unique design of the pram and the carry cot is perfected as a result of thorough research, making it futuristic and compatible with car seat models. 

The Faster Limited Edition is also available in a 3-in-1 package including the Avionaut Kite car seat (0 – 13kg). 


Besides safety comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a stroller.

The Faster Limited Edition Stroller comes with an adjustable height handle made of soft eco-leather, an adjustable backrest for the child, a wind-stopper in the stroller seat, carry cot unit with a soft pillow and mattress, mosquito and sunshield net inside the carry cot, two foot covers (for carry cot and stroller seat) to cover baby's legs, adjustable footrest for the baby, and more. It is suitable for infants, starting from birth.

You won't find many strollers in the South African market offering the comfort offered by the Faster model.


The Faster Limited Edition is highly durable because of its aluminium chassis, foam wheels, and overall design. Parents can rest assured their little one is safe in this stroller. 


The Faster Limited Edition (2-in-1) is economically priced compared to similar products while offering more features, durability, and comfort for kids. It is a worthy choice when in the market for a functional, feature-rich, and safe stroller for your kid. 


Buying a stroller for your kid is not an expenditure but an investment. It makes life easier for the parents while ensuring home-like comfort for the baby. However, the benefits from buying a stroller primarily depend on the stroller you purchase. 

The Faster Limited Edition (2-in-1) stroller includes just about every feature parents can ask for. The best part is it doesn't pinch the pocket and is highly durable, making it a value for money product you must consider when looking for a stroller for your child.  Furthermore, you can use the same stroller for the coming siblings due to its durability. 

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