Nursing Bra with Flaps

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Comfortable nursing bra with a classic cut, without underwire. Made of 100% cotton that does not irritate sensitive breasts. Flexible bra cups allow placing a breast pad or nipple shield inside, which protect the underwear from getting dirty. It is equipped with a convenient clip for unfastening and fastening with one hand. It has adjustable bra straps.

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The bra is made of 100% cotton, which does not irritate the sensitive breasts.

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It has elastic cups inwhich you can easily place breast pads or breast shells.

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The cups are equipped with flaps that allow to nurse a baby without having to remove your entire bra.

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It has an adjustable back strap with hooks.

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Equipped with a convenient clip for fastening and unfastening with one hand.

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Perfect for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Additional info:
Bra available in white. Large selection of sizes: 75A-90DD. The washing method is given on the label.

How to use:
Bra should be washed before first use. The washing method is given on the label. Keep the bra clean for hygiene. Wash it regularly as directed on the label. To position the baby to the breast detach the bowl by pressing a special clip. During feeding, the breast is supported by an internal, specially fitted knitted belt. It is possible to place a lactation disc or a lactation shell inside the cup of the bra, which will protect the lingerie from dirt.