Décor Tips For Nursery

As a parent, there are thousands of decisions you need to make before your baby arrives. Whether you're going to experience becoming a parent for the first time or your baby-to-be already has siblings, it's always a good idea to decorate your nursery enthusiastically. 

A nursery space that's aesthetically pleasing yet functional is important for many reasons. 

You and your baby will spend a lot of time together in the nursery, so it might be soothing to your eye and add a spark to your home. If you are at this very same juncture we're discussing - you're at the right place. 

Here, we will discuss several nursery décor tips to help you decorate your nursery beautifully without compromising functionality!

Avoid Clutter

You would be going back and forth from your room to nursery and vice versa numerous times in a day, If the nursery is cluttered with Lego pieces, a misplaced chair, book, or just about anything, it puts you at the risk of tripping over it. And it can be dangerous for both you and the baby. The nursery should have sufficient storage space to store the necessary baby items, ensuring there's no clutter.

Pick A Theme

From floral to animals and travel to superhero characters and whatnot, you can choose from tons of nursery theme ideas. 

The best part is there are supporting materials available online and offline, including crib designs, wallpapers, fans, lighting, baby mats, cot styles, toys, and more. It helps you design a nursery with your choice of theme cohesively. 

Colour Contrast

Not many people are aware, but a stark difference in colour contrast in nurseries can aid the development of the cognitive abilities of babies. For example, black and white is a classic example of contrasting colours. 

If this sounds boring, try pairing lime yellow with dark blue or reddish pink with baby pink or cream colours. This would make the nursery look aesthetically pleasing and add flavour to the nursery. 


Babies find mirrors fascinating, and it also helps them develop a subconscious ability to distinguish between what's real and what's not. 

The mirror as a vanity tool doubles up as a toy for your baby and boosts their physical activity, mainly due to their intrigue causing a repetition of activities. 

Tropical Nursery

The tropical nursery theme is highly popular among the parents because nothing speaks the language of tranquillity and relaxation quite like the tropics. 

You can use bamboo furniture and tree murals symmetrically across the room. You can also add jungle-theme cushions, mats and baby-safe décor items to uplift the tropical theme. 

There are many different nursery wallpapers available with different designs and colour schemes you can choose, which can single-handedly set the mood for the nursery. 

Available Space

Before you think about décor tips for nursery, it's essential to ascertain how much space you have. 

This can be particularly complex if you already have other kids. You might want the nursery close to your room, but that might mean shifting other kids away. So, talk to your other kids and make an actionable plan to ensure other kids don't feel pushed away.  nursery

Once you know the space you have, you can move forward with decorating the nursery as per your preference. 

Safety First

Whether you're looking for a baby cot, nursery storage, or anything else, it must be baby-safe. There should be no harsh corners or loose parts that can pose choking hazards. 

The lighting shouldn't be too harsh and must be soft on the eyes of the baby, and the electrical plugs should be away from the baby's reach. No matter how you decorate the nursery, safety is of paramount importance. 


Gone are days when the nursery had to be boring white or beige-themed as there are tons of options available today to beautify the nursery while making it functional. It is helpful for the parents and provides enough ways for the baby to be playful and busy with the surroundings. 

The myriad of décor tips for nursery and a huge range of nursery items available can easily derail your planning and leave you confused. It's important to list your priorities and budget and move ahead with nursery shopping accordingly.

Follow your set priorities, design theme, colour scheme, and budget without forgetting about practicalities, and you're good to go. 



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