Games for children aged 9-12 months using things that we find at home

Playing with a child is mutually beneficial. The child develops faster, he feels the love and interest that surrounds him. Playing together strengthens our bond with the baby. 

  1.  Playing with boxes

Boxes are a great and cheap product that can be used for many games. The simplest game is to move an item from one to another. For this game, you should use items that your toddler will not be able to swallow, e.g. clothes pegs.

You can also, for example, pour out the clasps from the box and collect them with the child in a container. This is how the child learns visual-auditory coordination. 

  1. Rolling ball / round object

Sit with your toddler facing each other and take turns to roll the ball to each other. Children absolutely love this!   And this is how the child learns to roll the ball. 

  1. Hiding toys 

Take a child's toy, let him play with it first. Then ask him to give it back to you and hide it, for example, under a blanket and ask: where is the toy? Of course you can change the toys. In this way, the child learns

to understand object permanence – i.e. this describes a child’s ability to know that objects continue to exit even though they can no longer be seen or heard. 

  1. Playing with shoes

Take several pairs of shoes, then choose one and ask your child to find the other shoe. This is how the child learns to match. 

  1. Toy pulling fun

Tie several of the baby's toys one after the other with a string to create a toy that the baby can drag across the floor. You can sing, for example, "the train is coming from a distance". In this way, the child learns to think creatively. 

  1. Playing in front of the mirror

Babies definitely love to watch their reflection. The best fun is showing them for example the ear, mouth, eye. Show the child where, for example, the nose is, and then ask the child to touch your nose. In this way, the child learns to get to know his body. 

  1. Playing naming parts of the body

While bathing, ask your child to wash each part of their body with a washcloth. In this way, the child learns to get to know his body.

 Happy playtime! 


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